The Spectacular Tiny Tack House

Made in seven months, you won’t believe that this tiny house is moveable and running their home electricity with solar power only.

The Tiny Tack House

tiny tack house front look

Please meet Chris and Malissa Tack. They are the owner of Tiny Tack House, the married couple who designed and build this tiny house together. This 140-square-foot house was built on a 7-by-20 foot dual axle utility trailer and it’s only cost under $20.000.

tiny tack house fire pit and outdoor living space

The Tiny Tack House—that’s how they call it—made entirely of wood with sustainability-sourced wood and this house was designed as if it’s prepared to welcome the future. How not, Chris and Malissa equip their house with 4 pieces of solar panels where all the house electricity comes from that solar power. That means they are ready for many possibilities and concept their home to be entirely independent.

tiny tack house living room

Another plus thing about their home is also seen in how they use creativity by creating many versatile features. They designed the living room bench as an extra bed with drawer space underneath and created convertible furniture for their small dining table. So, when they’re not using it, the table can be simply folded to the wall. To organize their things like clothes, books, and home appliances they create many drawers, shelves, and small storage.

They have a simple yet powerful design.

The Tiny House Tour

tiny tack house interiors

When you look at this house from the outside, at first glance it looks like a mostly tiny house.

tiny tack house tiny kitchen

tiny tack house dish and cook wear cabinet   But, when you go inside you might not believe that this house has a spacious living room and a full kitchen.

tiny tack house clothing storage

This house surrounded by many windows. When you enter the living room, you will find that sunlight has a lot of access to light up the house. Their kitchen has a two-burner stove with a large cabinet and a big fridge.

tiny tack house shower tiny tack house toilets

One area with the kitchen, there’s a bathroom with a shower area and a toilet. The bathroom also equips with a shelf and small storage to put towels and their toiletries.

tiny tack house queen sized bed

If you go to the loft you will see their bedroom with a queen-sized bed and they also have small storages on each side of their bed.

tiny tack house dining nook tiny tack house small book rack tiny tack house small desk

They both know that creativity is needed when designing a tiny house. As a result, the Tiny Tack House shows how to maximize the tiny spaces without feeling limited with narrow land. And the idea of building a home that prepared to face the future, well, I can say it’s valuable.

You are also able to rent this beautiful tiny house from Airbnb.

If you find yourself inspired by their design and want to build this exact house and the furniture, You can buy the plan here. Check the plans preview below.
tiny tack house plans for sale

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