The Neat and Tidy Tiny Home for A Family in Middlebury

Not only for singles or couples, but a little family can also live in a tiny house. Yes, it’s possible. Morrison and Cutts had proved it.

Why They Decide To Built Tiny House

Neat and Tidy Middlebury Tiny House Exterior

Every home has a story. How it was built and how the detailed process to make it come true. So it is with Morrison and Cutts. They decide to build a tiny house right when they know they will have a baby. They rethink how they want to live their life and calculate all future costs like daycare and housing, so the idea to build and live in a tiny home was the right choice for them. In short, it was Robyn’s—their daughter’s name—presence that made them feel steady about this decision.

Then, where will they build it?

Dating back to 2014, they were in Vermont, on a Memorial Day weekend of Cutts’ sister’s wedding. That time, Morrison remembers joking to Cutts’ Mom that she loves being there and they will move to Vermont. Who knows that Morrison’s joke becomes true. They move and build their tiny house there.

When they go back to Arizona, where they live in two-bedroom apartment, they started to discuss the design and searching for the ideas. They really meant this house, so they want to plan, design, and build on their own.

Starting to Build

Neat and Tidy Middlebury Tiny House built 1

They drove from Arizona to Cutt’s hometown, Cornish, New Hampshire, with 1-year-old Robyn and their short-haired Havanese dog named Ziggy, in May 2015. They began to plan the house construction on property owned by Cutts’ mom and his stepfather while they looking for land. Morrison and Cutts decided that the house would be built on a trailer. So, in July 2015 they got an 8-by-20-foot trailer for their tiny house.

The trailer arrived six weeks later and while waiting they fixing the design and preparing the materials. This house is made entirely of wood, and of course, they wrapping the house with the water-proof barrier. Pine for the interior and exterior, while the ash wood for the floor. And for the woods, they got it from Cutts’ parent’s land. They spent about $20.000 to build and outfit the house, starting from the trailer, hard materials, appliances, fixtures, and furniture.

Neat and Tidy Middlebury Tiny House Siding

The sweet thing about the process of making their tiny home is, Morrison and Cutts were built the house together with Cutts’ stepdad and stepsister. Morrison said only because of their help their dream tiny house became reality.

While they were working for the house Morrison and Cutts also thinking about where to park their tiny house trailer. Initially, they think they want to rent land but then decided to buy a plot of land as an investment. Now, their 200-square-feet-home had parked in a land area of 3,4 acres that they bought in the south of Middlebury.

Neat and Tidy Middlebury Tiny House Side View

The House Interior Spaces

Neat and Tidy Middlebury Tiny House

Morrison and Cutts’ understand very well that Robyn who is still a toddler is very active. Therefore, to make this tiny two-story home safe for her they put the webbing made from electric blue and neon yellow Paracord on the banister to prevent Robyn from falling when she was going up or was on the second floor.

Neat and Tidy Middlebury Tiny House Upstairs

Inside the house, there’s Robyn’s bedroom, Morrison and Cutts’ bedroom, living room, kitchen, and also bathroom. And the outdoor area, they have a garden in a container, burn pile, a large wooden composting structure, and a patio from the preexisting concrete foundation where Robyn used to play with her sandbox.

Neat and Tidy Middlebury Tiny House Under Stairs

Robyn’s room is right next to the stairs to the upstairs. To the left entrance, there is a kitchen sink which is also a food preparation area.

Neat and Tidy Middlebury Tiny House Small Kitchen

In front of it, there’s kitchenette where Morrison has a stove with two-burner and mini-fridge. And the bathroom is beside the kitchen area.

Neat and Tidy Middlebury Tiny House Bathroom

While to the second floor, they divide it into two spaces: the bedroom on the left and the living room on the right. Even their bedroom is in the loft, it’s still tall enough for them to sit up in bed. And in the living room, they have the seat that can convert to a bed.

You might picture Morrison and Cutts’ tiny house has tight spaces, but I think they have a neat and tidy home. That’s their home story. What about you?

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