Ohana – The Sweet Tiny House of Alicia and Kris

You might wonder what a tiny house looks like. Can it be comfortable? Is there enough space to put things? To answer your questions, let’s take a look at this Alicia and Kris’ tiny house.

Meet The “Ohana”

Couple Tiny Home Ohana Vancouver Over View

Built with an area of 100 square feet this couple’s house looks tiny as it is, especially because it is surrounded by lush pine trees that grow around it. Located in Galiano Island, British Columbia, this tiny home gets a beautiful view every day from the Strait of Georgia and the twinkling lights of downtown Vancouver.

Couple Tiny Home Ohana Vancouver Outdoor Deck

Alicia and Kris Alexander give a name to their tiny house: Ohana. It means family in Hawaiian. What a unique and meaningful name for a home. Besides a home to live in, they also wanted this house to become a vacation home, a place where they could gather with their family and friends. And after exchanging the marriage vows on their wedding, they will soon occupy this sweet tiny home. A perfect place to through the days together.

Couple Tiny Home Ohana Vancouver Outdoor Deck With Bathtub

Completed built-in 2018, the Trim Studio, a firm design based in Vancouver who handles the Ohana, gives a modern minimalist touch on the design. The materials are a combination of wood and concrete with a combination of natural colors like grey, white, and brown. This tiny house also has many big windows. How wonderful to see the view inside the house.

What Inside The House

This two-story tiny house having all the spaces that you could ever imagine. A kitchenette, bathroom, and bedroom, also living room. 

Couple Tiny Home Ohana Vancouver Small Kitchen

Couple Tiny Home Ohana Vancouver Kitchen Area

The kitchenette is next to the stairs that lead upstairs where the bedroom is. As you can see with most kitchens, this home kitchen looks simple and organize. On top of the sink, the dish racks are line up attached to the wall. When you go to the upper floor you will find that the bedroom has nice looks with a ceiling glass sliding doors right above the bed. What other best view to see the sky before asleep. Not only that, but it also has a wood-burning stove in the corner of the room to keep them always warm when the weather is getting cold. 

Couple Tiny Home Ohana Vancouver Bedroom Area

While the outside you can see a small terrace with few chairs to enjoy the afternoon, a log storage, an outdoor shower, and an outdoor hot tub. 

Couple Tiny Home Ohana Vancouver Outdoor Shower

I think the Trim Studio has succeeded in realizing Alicia and Kris’ the dream tiny home. They get everything they wish for a home. Wonderful view day and night, simple design, nice organizing for the spaces, and large outdoor area for relaxing with family. 

Couple Tiny Home Ohana Vancouver Night View

A tiny house can be so much comfortable to live in if you can adjust to what you need when you plan to build a house. You won’t need a dining table or a luxurious coffee table at all. You don’t have to have a master bathroom with glamour vanity design. If you think you just want a simple and sweet home, the tiny house can be your choice. 

Source: Dwell
Photography by Jarusha Brown via Trim Studio
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