A Tiny DIY Dome House Made From Aircrete

A house doesn’t always look like other most houses. The shape, the area, or even the materials. From many materials to build a house, have you ever heard of material named Aircrete? You can build a unique and strong tiny house with it.

A Tiny Dome House Made From Aircrete Front

What Aircrete Is

It is stronger and lighter than concrete. It is proven a waterproof, fireproof, and pest proof. It has good thermal and acoustic insulation. This material will not rot, warp, or even corrode. And if you were concerned about the ecologically-based build, Aircrete is eco-friendly material for building because of its resource efficiency. That’s good news, isn’t it?

Aircrete is made from a mixture of cement, lime, and pulverized fuel ash (PFA) and a dash of aluminum powder. But, others say that the recipe for making the mixture is to mix cement, water, and foam. The important thing with this recipe is how to make the foam with a foaming agent with a piece of equipment called a continuous foam generator.

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Why Build With Dome Design

A Tiny Dome House Made From Aircrete outdoor

Now, when we talk about the design, a dome building is one of the unique design that ever created. It’s just suitable if you want to build a tiny house with a dome design. But, more than that, the dome design has the main advantage that you have to know. 

A Tiny Dome House Made From Aircrete Other details

It’s safety for facing a natural disaster like a hurricane, tornado, or even an earthquake. The point of strength of the dome design is because of the minimal numbers of angles and joints in every part of the house space. 

So, why don’t you build your tiny home with dome design?

A Tiny Dome House Made From Aircrete sun roof


You can build the dome house with Aircrete material. That’s just the best combination ever. The best designs for building and the best materials are combined to make your tiny home become reality.

A Natural Style of Steve Areen’s Dome Home

A Tiny Dome House Made From Aircrete pond

Look at this example. This stunning dome home belongs to Steve Areen and located in Thailand. He gives this project to the Aircrete dome homemaking community named Domegaia. It’s a beautiful tiny dome home with cost under $9.000 and maybe it shocking you a bit.

A Tiny Dome House Made From Aircrete kitchen

A Tiny Dome House Made From Aircrete sink

A Tiny Dome House Made From Aircrete shower

This house has three big spaces in which all shapes are dome. The living room is quite large and the kitchenette also in the same area. He has a coffee table that overlooks the small pond outside. While the kitchenette looks smaller than mostly kitchenette for a tiny house. But, he has a small rustic dining table in the right corner of the living room that looks very attractive.  

A Tiny Dome House Made From Aircrete bedroom

When entering the bedroom you can see a large bed put in the middle of the room and it still has spacious spaces on each side. The bathroom has a natural style with a shower area and a sink. The floor has a stone pattern with many indoor plants inside.

A Tiny Dome House Made From Aircrete stairs

A Tiny Dome House Made From Aircrete balcony

In the outside area, you can see a patio with Aircrete benches attached to the house’s walls before the entrance. And if you go to the right side of the house, you can see small stairs with a rustic design that will take you to the gazebo area. What a nice way to spend the afternoon time.

A tiny dome house that made from Aircrete is an alternative option for you. It has the best building structure, best material than concrete or wood, and one thing for sure it will save your cost. You can buy this DIY tiny dome plans here

Tiny Aircrete Dome House Video

Source: Domegaia
Photography by Steve Areen
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