If you have a tiny house, then you are lucky. Imagine things you can do with it. You can play with paint colors, mix and match various materials for the wall and the floor, choosing the right interior style, looking for suitable furniture designs, etc. Building small or even tiny house need creativity. How you can balance your desire and availability of the area. It’s completely different if you have a wide area. At least, it would seem easier to realize your dream home.

But, before you go further, the house design always comes at the first talk. We know it’s not easy. You need to calculate all spaces when designing and may be asking yourself, “how I can have a nice terrace and wide back yard?” or, “how about the garage? Is there still enough space?” and many other questions. Making a multifunctional space is one of the designs that you can apply. You can use the corner area of the room as a small reading room as well as a place to relax. Or you can make the house more beautiful by arranging the balcony area into a small garden. Lots of ideas, right?

So, please don’t get confused about all of your questions. Because in this category we giving you many design inspirations for a tiny house. You can plan and design start from here. Even, if you need improvement for your small home living, you also can find it here. Not only that, but we also give you tips and tricks information to reorganize your small house. 

Let’s start with us. Build, create, and organize your comfortable dream home.

Tinyhousepal Teams