17 Great Inspirations of Coffee Table for Small Living

I have to agree if your interior designer telling you that a coffee table is the center of attention in a room. The reason is simple: because that’s where people’s eyes are drawn when entering the house for the first time. Simply, your coffee table is a focal point if comparing with other furniture.

Usually, the coffee table is placed in the middle of a living room or family room. I can say, this is another reason why your coffee table becomes a focal point and must stand out.
Then choosing the right coffee table for your house by adjusting it to your interior design becomes important. It can attract your guests, giving convenience for your family, and also creating intimate moments with your friends.

So, Tinyhousepal is here giving you 17 great options to choose the right coffee table in any design that might match with your taste.

1. Natural Pallet Coffee Table with Storage

You can choose a coffee table made from pallet to make a natural and warm impression. Like this example. The dark brown color gives it all that atmosphere. So, if you love to bring natural theme into your house, this pallet coffee table is one of the options that you can consider. 

2. An Elegant Marble Coffee Table

Gold Marble coffee table If you want to show a classy accent in your house, I think this marble coffee table is reveal everything. You can see the marble stone combine with a gold metal table leg that gives an elegant impression. It suits for modern interior design.

Besides that, with its round shape and consists of 3 parts of different sizes making this marble coffee table easy to arranged if you have limited space in your living room. This marble coffee table is absolutely stunning and perfect for your small house. Aren’t you agree with me?

3. Soft Minimalist Lift-Top Coffee Table

Lift Top Coffee Table with Ottomans

A lift-top coffee table giving you both stylish design and versatility. This kind coffee table creates with many storage spaces and you can also change its use according to your needs: whether you want to use it when you enjoy your snacks with your family or use it to work. 

Here, we offering you a soft minimalist lift-top coffee table design. If you have small space living and work from home, I think you must consider this lift-top coffee table.

4. Simple and Strong Shape Round Coffee Table

Durham Round coffee table

Coffee table with storage always matches with small home living. And if you are bored with a square coffee table, but want to make it simple, why not try with a round shape.

As you can see this round coffee table gives a simple look and also strong metal frame with it. Plus, it has storage where you can put your books or magazines there. In my opinion, if you’re thinking of industrial design, go with this one.

5. White Bright Glass Coffee Table

Ikea white Glass coffee table

 Simplicity is the best. And a glass coffee table can deliver that message. If you agree with me, I think you can choose this white simple glass coffee table for your small house. Its white color gives a broad and bright impression in a room. It also tends to be neutral, so you can mix-match your other furniture with this white glass coffee table. 

Another advantage you can get from this coffee table is you can use the storage underneath it for many purposes, such as putting books or small toy basket there. And one more, it can be pushed together to save more space in your house. Sounds good, isn’t it?

6. Having Reversible Tray on Ottoman Coffee Table

dark brown leather ottoman coffee table

Different taste, same purpose. I think this ottoman coffee table with its reversible tray gives you a solution for saving space in your living room.

The size is just perfect. Isn’t too long or too wide. You can hide the reversible tray if you want to enjoy your “me time”. It looks simple while you read a book. Or you can show the tray when your guests are coming.

7. Rustic Coffee Table with Drawers Plus Storage

Rustic Wood Coffee Table with Double Drawers

You might want to bring a different atmosphere in your living room with a rustic coffee table. Isn’t only natural, but more than that, this coffee table showing strong character. As you can see the rough surface of the bark is intentionally shown on the table legs and drawers. While the table surface and storage are neat and precise. Both work perfectly naturally. Your guests must comment on this. 

8. Natural Look from Farmhouse Coffee Table

authentic Farmhouse coffee table

Farmhouse interior design so much identical with a country atmosphere. And if you want to bring that atmosphere into your house, you can start with this farmhouse coffee table. I pick this example for you.

The brown and white color looks so natural and bright for your living room. The furniture design is just simple with storage underneath it. I think this farmhouse coffee table will certainly remind you to the village, farm living, and of course, nature.

9. The Precision Acrylic Coffee Table

tapered Acrylic coffee table with storage

You can see the clear lines are shown by this acrylic coffee table. Every single cutting looks very neat, precise, and clean. The combination of black and transparent is very suitable to be applied to a modern style house.

The plus thing is, the storage section gives more value to this acrylic coffee table and makes no worry if you have a small living room.

10. Having Lot of Storage with Crate Coffee Table

Modern Urban Crate coffee table

Having a small house makes you have to be creative when arranging every space. Including when choosing a coffee table. If you want to minimize or even press the budget to buy it, why don’t you try to make it? This crate coffee table can be your inspiration.

The materials are easy to get and cheap! Besides that, the design is so simple and you can fill the storages with any home decor which can make it looks more stunning. Trus me, it will be a cool coffee table for your living room.

11. A Sturdy Construction of Industrial Coffee Table

Dark brown Industrial coffee table

If you fall in love with industrial interior design, give a try with this coffee table. I can see it has strong look and the table legs describe a sturdy construction of industrial coffee table.

What a character! It also has a lot of storage space, so you can use it to put your favorite books there or can also be combined with some coffee table decor like a small flower vase.

12. Modern Rustic Look with Live Edge Coffee Table

Live edge coffee table

This small live edge coffee table is just perfect for your small living room. The wooden slabs are left to look as they are and ignore all the precision shapes that are usually seen on a table. I think this is the key.

This is what a live edge coffee table want to show. Reveal its beauty by showing how the tree form looks like. It will always match with modern, contemporary, or even industrial style.

13. Nostalgic with Mid Century Coffee Table

Porthos Mid century modern coffee table

This could be the right choice if you want to be classic. A mid-century coffee table is a really great option. You can see the design brings a nostalgic moment. Maybe it reminds you of your grandma’s furniture and now you can bring it to your small home with little bit modern touch. Look how the storage and drawer work together! What a perfect classic look.

14. Go Vintage with Trunk Coffee Table

Dark brown Trunk coffee table

You can bring a vintage look to your house with this trunk coffee table. Unlike most other trunk coffee tables, this one comes with a softer and simpler look but doesn’t lose its vintage impression.

Not much of key letches on the surface of the desk wall. Just a few, but still showing the character design of a trunk coffee table. Vintage lovers, this is great match to your small living room.

15. A Slim Metal Coffee Table

Pallete Metal coffee table

The slim design of metal coffee table gives no worry to your small home living. It absolutely saves your limited space. And I can see it with this metal coffee table. It also looks attractive with its modern design.

The clear lines on the table legs are balanced with round and oval table shapes. And the combination of various table shapes with strong metal table legs creates a simple modern look. You don’t have to think hard to decide that this is great coffee table for your home. 

16. An Abstract Shape with Driftwood Coffee Table

Rustic Driftwood coffee table


The very first time I saw this kind coffee table, I could tell the driftwood coffee table was unique. There’s a modern rustic impression in its abstract shape.

It has a unique combination of raw wood shape and a glass table. This is definitely a perfect match, giving a different look but still simple and clear with that glass touch. It also has perfect size for your small home living.

17. Show Off with Shadow Box Coffee Table

Shadow box glass coffee tableTwo level Shadow box coffee table

A shadow coffee table is always great to show off the little things of your home decor or your favorite items. It’s just like a display table. But, it becomes multifunction when you can use both functions at once: display what you like directly and using it as a coffee table. 

Sounds good for you? Look how its nice and clean shape blends to your small living room. 

I hope you get enlightenment and lots of inspiration when exploring one by one of these coffee table recommendations. May one of them could match with your taste and your small home living. 

If you think sharing this article could help others find inspiration just like how it did for you, don’t hesitate to do it. Thank you!

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