12 Unique and Simple Designs for Your Baby Crib DIY Projects

See how your baby grows with made-by-your-own crib.

Build A Special Crib for Your Beloved Baby
If you are expecting a baby, the first thing you need to do is to check what things are needed after delivery. Clothes, diapers, shoes, stroller, baby toiletries, and last but not least, the baby crib are must-have items you need to prepare beforehand. For the last one, you can make it special by building it on your own.

There are so many designs out there, but I think these 12 DIY projects worth to be considered since they have a unique and simple design. The designs are also completed with step-by-step instructions photos or videos, so it will be easier for you to follow and build your own crib.

Let’s make it happen, then!

1. Baby Crib with The Giant Backboard

200 usd baby crib tutorials

I can say this baby crib has a very simple design. And the giant board attached to the back of the crib makes this design looks strong and sturdy. It uses poplar and yellow pine as its main material and General Finishes Java Gel Stain for the wood staining. Here is a little trick, if you are also planning to use the same type of wood like this one, it is a good choice to use gel stain for the finishing touch. Because it’s thicker, it will give a good result when applied to the wood that has a different absorption character.

The design is completed with graphic pictures, precise wood size, and step-by-step explanations. 

2. The Simple Grey DIY Baby Crib

simple grey diy baby crib

Choosing a grey color for the stain of your crib will make different looks. Besides soft, grey color showing simplicity. This simple crib using poplar and oak for the wood. The screws and the lumber themselves will cost you about $400. Fall in love with the crib’s color? You can use Sherwin-Williams Exterior Grey Stain.

3. The Plywood Crib Projects

Making crib doesn’t always have to use solid wood as the material. For super simple design and super easy to make, plywood can be your alternative. Plywood is also the right choice if you are planning on building the crib with a low-cost budget because its price is cheaper than solid lumber. This DIY shows you how to make a crib with two sheets of plywood and it turns really nice as if it’s made from lumber. 

4. The Portable Crib Plus Co-Sleeper

If you want your wife to always stay close with the baby even when they are sleeping, why don’t you build a portable crib? At first glance, it does look like a co-sleeper. When you build the multifunction crib just like this one, you can get many advantages. Not only saving more space in your room, but this design also offers flexibility. That means if you and your family out to grandpa’s house, for example, you can easily take the crib without any hassle.

With only using one sheet of plywood as its main material and hinges to fold the sides of the crib, this design looks really simple and very functional. 

5. A Country Style Baby Crib

diy crib plans

From the beginning, you will agree with me that this design shows a sturdy look. I think it comes from the base and tip of the crib that looks like a barn door. This crib made from pine wood and using Rustoleum Varathane Stain + Poly (Early American) as a wood staining. The result really turns out into a natural color. A little clue for you, before you make your own crib, make sure that you buy the mattress first. So it will be easier for you to do the measurements by adjusting to the mattress.

Interested to make one? 

6. The Farmhouse Baby Crib

diy farmhouse baby crib tutorial

If you want another look of country crib design, you can choose this farmhouse style. The headboard really has that character. A barn door style on that headboard certainly gives a country air to the room. And to strengthen this style, natural colors like brown is a perfect match. This design is completed with step by step explanations and picture tutorials. 

7. A Mid Century Modern Crib Made From Walnut

This crib is created by combining solid wood and plywood. It’s a good example for you if you want to use solid wood for your crib but still want to press the cost. By combining these two together, you can get the sturdy crib look from the solid wood and also the cheaper price of material on another side.

The nice thing about this mid-century modern design is, it has two drawers at the bottom of the crib. You can use the drawers as a shortcut to the baby’s needs such as toys, shoes, cloth diapers, towels, and baby’s makeup. The storage like these drawers also can save more space in the baby’s closet. I think it’s really a creative idea.

For those of you who want to build this crib, don’t hesitate to watch the video by following this link so you can see how it’s actually made.

8. A Nice Look Crib with Contrast Color

The combination of walnut and maple wood creates a contrast color that makes this crib looks really sweet and nice. The idea of using walnut as crib legs make the color stands out and when it comes together with the natural color of maple, they both pleasing to the eye. This mid-century modern crib also has a simple design to build. Well, if this design is what you are looking for…

9. The White Clean Shape Crib

Are you white lovers? Come a little closer. This crib comes with a clean look with the white color and has a nice dark brown on the top and the legs. Besides looks clean and firm, the combining of these two colors creates a simplicity. The cage sides around are made from poplar which painted in white and the rest of it is walnut. One thing you should note that poplar is easy to paint. So, you might consider using this material for your crib. If you are curious about how to build this crib and want to know more, 

10. A Different Unique Style With Baseball Bat Crib Design


If you are pondering something special with the baby crib design, you can choose this baseball bat design. It has a different look and totally unique. I know you can imagine the rails of the crib were changed into baseball bats! This is a creative idea to create a unique crib. The materials to build this crib are pine wood and for baseball bats, they are made from real baseball bats which costs $3,50 per bat. And you will need 24 pieces for both sides of the crib. 

Just simply visit the site by clicking this link if you want to see the detailed instructions for creating this baseball bat crib.

11. The Moon-Shaped Baby Crib

Creates Moon-Shaped Baby Crib

This moon-shaped baby crib is really adorable. Made from a combination of plywood and planks, this design just turns out so cute with few small stars on each side of the crib as decorative elements. The plywood is used as a frame for making the moon shapes and bed. While the wooden planks cover the entire sides of the crib. Since it has a round leg that touches the floor, custom wooden feet can stabilize and secure this crib. So, the baby can stay safe when sleeping inside. 

12. A Moveable Rocking Crib Made From Tasmanian Oak and Meranti Wood

I think a moveable rocking crib just suitable for you that has limited nursery space. Even, it’s also fit for you who want a saving space crib design. This design has many advantages. Besides the sleek design, this crib also moveable. That means you can move the crib to any rooms in your house and that makes the mother can sleep in the same room with the baby. Another magical thing about this rocking crib is you can easily fold one side to make the crib change into co-sleeper! What a brilliant idea!


If you want to know how to build this moveable rocking crib, please watch the tutorial video here.

Building a baby crib is a special thing to do because it’s made for the beloved one. The one that you and your family waiting for. The one that gives a real bliss to your home. I hope these 12 DIY baby crib ideas give you more inspiration and spirit to make your own crib. Don’t hesitate to share this article if you think it will help others just like how it did for you. Thank you!

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