17 Easy to Follow DIY Cat Trees of 2020 (+Videos)

Living in a city can be quite a dilemma for a cat lover. Your cats won’t have the privilege of venturing outside like those cats in a suburban area or in the countryside. As cats love to scratch, jump, play hide and seek with pretend friends and between playtimes take extended naps on high perches, you probably often find them romping on and shredding your expensive furniture.

Staying inside all the time without meeting your cat’s instinctual needs can make your feline friends stressful. This is why using cat furniture may be a good option. One of the items that will make your life and that of your cats a little less stressful is a cat tree. Keep your style by making one of these cat trees.

This list contains 17 cat tree plans from across the Internet. I have gathered them together in order to help and inspire you with your cat tree plans. After you’ve used one of these ideas to make your DIY cat tree, come back and browse my other DIY furniture ideas here.

1. DIY PVC Pipe Cat Tree

Make A Modern Cat Tree Out Of PVC Pipe

A modern cat tree is the perfect addition for your furry little one. Unfortunately, they are often too small and overpriced. No worries, you can create your own modern version cat tree inexpensively with PVC pipe and some plywood. This DIY PVC pipe cat tree is a simple project you can complete in a couple hours.

To complete this project you will need:

  • PVC pipe
  • 4-way Tee PVC fittings
  • 3-way PVC elbows
  • PVC end caps
  • 2-hole pipe straps
  • screws
  • plywood
  • power drill
  • PVC cement
  • pipe cutter
  • spray paint (optional)

2. DIY Modern Cat Tree Covered with Faux Fur

The cat tree platforms are made from 9mm construction plywood and covered with faux fur. The Sisal rope attached to the trunk was dyed black to match the aesthetic of the design. To do this, you can use RIT black fabric dye which was soaked the rope in bucket for 24 hours use hot water to start. Then rinse thoroughly and let dry. You’ll love this tutorial if you love video tutorials, else, it is uninteresting as a text and picture tutorial.

3. DIY Cat Trees for Large Cats

The cat tree platforms are made from 9mm construction plywood and covered with faux fur. The Sisal rope attached to the trunk was dyed black to match the aesthetic of the design. To do this, you can use RIT black fabric dye which was soaked the rope in bucket for 24 hours use hot water to start. Then rinse thoroughly and let dry. You’ll love this tutorial if you love video tutorials, else, it is uninteresting as a text and picture tutorial.

4. DIY Cat Tree That Looks Like A Tree

What’s more fun than a DIY cat tree that actually looks like a tree? This kind of project brings nature indoors by wrapping a tree branch then adding some cat shelves. To make this tree, you will need a tree limb with many branches, some wood boards, rope, and screws. You can add a big wicker basket and screw it into one of the top board perches if you like. Watch the video below and follow the steps to create one of the coolest DIY cat trees around.

5. DIY Cat Tree Using Old Trees

If you have a small-sized tree in your yard which needs to be cut down, instead of getting rid of it, why don’t you turn it into a classy cat tree? I am sure any furbabies, yours included, would love it. You don’t need a magic to turn the old tree into a fun resting/playground area for your cats like the one below. What you need are as follows:


  • Old Tree

  • Oak Trim

  • Plywood

  • Manilla Rope

  • Wood Glue

  • Finish Nails

  • Carpet

  • Carpet Tape

  • Oil-based Urethane

  • Greenhouse Staple

  • Cardboard (for template)

  • Lag Screws

  • Wood Screws


  • Router
  • Spindle Sander
  • Steam Cleaner
  • Sabre Saw
  • Cordless Drill
  • Jigsaw
  • Band Clamp
  • Hammer
  • Nail Gun
  • Laser Level
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Belt Sander

6. DIY Cat Trees Using Real Branches

Make your own cat climbing tree

If the cat tree above isn’t to your liking, how about this one instead? This cat tree is literally a tree. It is handcrafted from felled wood, left in their true nature. The wood is well known as the finest quality real tree, a great material for a cat tree. It comes with a manila rope for all the scratching actions your furry friends desire.

7. DIY Cat Trees With Leaves

DIY Cat Trees With Leaves

Here is another cat tree with real branches. Unlike the previous ones, this cat tree comes with leaves. Some cat owners prefer something a little more natural-looking in their home as the green foliage can add a splash of color to the living room, making the dull room looks brighter.

You can do this DIY using the suggested materials below:

  • lumber
  • faux fur
  • faux vines
  • stepping stones and rocks
  • stain and finish
  • sisal and glue
  • nail gun
  • saw

8. DIY Cat Trees With Leaves and Synthetic Grass

DIY Cat Tree with Conventional Scratching Posts and Beds

This cat tree design focuses on your cat’s true nature. It can bring out your cat’s primal instincts and make your feline companion feels as if they are living in their true nature. Additionally, it gives your cat plenty of spaces to hide in amongst the foliage. We all know that cats love to get themselves into small spaces because those places make them feel warm and secure. Cats also love to experience different materials and textures. This natural looking cat tree comes with thick artificial turf on the base

9. DIY Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

DIY Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree

It goes without saying that cats love to climb. They may end up climbing your drapes or something worse if you don’t give them something to climb on. They prefer being up high where they feel the safest and can see more of the room at one time. PVC pipe and sisal rope are two main materials you need to prepare to do this DIY. Visit this link for a complete tutorial of floor to ceiling cat tree for your furry friends.

10. DIY Wall-Mounted Cat Tree

How to build wall-mounted cat tree

This DIY is a perfect fit for you if you are looking for a more permanent cat tree option or short on floor space. Mounting shelves on the wall gives your fur babies an extra territory which is not limited to horizontal lifestyle. They’ll use the shelves as their personal retreats whenever they need to be alone. Try this cute wall-mounted cat tree DIY to provide several heights of fun seating for your cat. This is quite a simple project that requires shelves, shelving brackets, screws, sisal rope, a rounded post, and a staple gun.

11. DIY Wall-Mounted Cat Shelves

The wall-mounted cat tree below is built especially for a kitten named Hank. The owner came up with the idea to provide a place for Hank to get away from his dog and a place where the dog couldn’t get his food. For your information, he is a civil engineer thus he used engineering statics to calculate the forces within the shelf. Follow this video if you want to build one.

12. DIY Industrial Style Wall Mounted Cat Tree

Here is another inspiration for your off the ground designed structures. They are situated near windows where your fur babies prefer to be. This industrial-style wall-mounted call tree is a bit special though. It is built for those for renters who can’t anchor anything to the wall. It will take you a day to finish this project, depending on how skilled you are. Total material cost is less than $100. Take a look at these steps and decide if this wall-mounted cat tree DIY is right for you.

13. DIY Cat Tree with Hammock (Using IKEA Stepladders)

DIY small Cat Tree with Hammock

Cats love hammocks as much as people love hammocks. After all, hammocks are so relaxing and so great for napping. This tutorial has got to be the easiest cat tree with hammock DIY. There are several pictures in this plan as well as specific instructions on what to do to build the whole thing.

Here are all the materials and tools you will need to build your own customizable unit:

  • An IKEA BEKVÄM stepladder
    some cheap fabric
  • upholstery foam
  • rope and tools (hot glue gun, scissors, measuring tape, drill, stapler).

14. DIY Cat Tree Using IKEA Tables


This is another cat tree that should be very simple to build. This aesthetically pleasing DIY cat tree made up of IKEA tables, faux fur fabrics, sisal rope, and various toys. It’s a ​straightforward building project which you should be able to put together with ease for a reasonable cost. There are a total of 6 steps in this tutorial, plus a shopping list, tools, and several real pictures you can refer to as you move through them. A video version of this plan is also available.

15. DIY Recycled Ladder Cat Tree

DIY Recycled Ladder Cat Tree

Are the cat trees available at your local pet store expensive? Then why not make your favorite feline friends some DIY cat tree from a recycled ladder? This plan changes an old step ladder into new fun for your furry friend. A list of materials, written instructions, and color photos are included in this free plan.

The followings are the materials used to complete this project:

  • old wooden ladder
  • scrap carpet
  • scrap wood
  • screws and screw gun
  • staplers and staple gun

16. DIY Cat Tree Using an Old Bookcase

Turn an Old Bookcase into a DIY Cat Tower

The plan shows you everything you need for putting this together, including the list of materials, all the basic tools required, and 6 steps. This is actually a really easy project which only requires about an hour to complete.

To complete this project you will need an old bookshelf and the following items:

  • 4 plastic cat toy balls with bells
  • a large piece of carpeting
  • fishing line
  • Tools: staple gun, glue gun, drill, scissors/utility knife

17. DIY Rustic Outdoor Cat Tree

DIY Rustic Outdoor Cat Tree

If your cat spends a lot of time outdoors, you may want to create a comfortable resting place for them. You can make rustic cat tree for outdoors by following this simple step-by-step tutorial. All you need to duplicate this cat tree plan are a branch, some rope, some bamboo, a piece of cloth, and some basic cat shelter building skills.

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