It goes without saying that most of your four-pawed friend’ world revolves around your house and yard. As a responsible pet parent, no doubt you’ll strive to make your home a warm and a pet-friendly place that brings comfort for your pet and you. One of the ways is by creating stylish home-crafted furniture. Furniture designed for animals such as pet beds, doghouses, hammocks, dog coolers, cat trees, and play equipment became a popular trend in the early 21st century. 

For discerning pet owners like you who treat their pets like family, we are sure creating stylish home-crafted furniture is a very interesting thing to do. TinyHousePal cares about the happiness and comfort of your furry friends, which is why you’ll get lots of new inspiration to make pieces that your pets will love here. We’ll show you how to create a safe and comfortable space for your fur babies without sacrificing your personal decorating style. We all know that space is a problem for pet owners in urban areas. TinyHousePal is also constantly looking for ways to inspire you to accommodate pets in small spaces. For cat owners living in smaller apartments, for example, they don’t have floor space but they have wall space In, you’ll find DIYs to make lots of interesting cat shelves for your furry friends to climb and perch.

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