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Hello Tiny House Lovers!

Organizing and arranging small house is challenging. Creativity is an absolute requirement to get a comfortable home atmosphere. With limited space, how can we arrange every single furniture and decoration elements to give a broad and bright impression. 

There are many ways to be creative. One of them is willing to try and dare to experiment with our own home. Challenge yourself to design your own home interior, so you will be free to imagine and determine what interior style you want to apply to create a home with broad impression, as needed, and certainly comfortable for the family. 

You can start by discussing with family members, seeing what your family needs, and what is favorite activity that unites all. You can also go asking: what is the meaning of home for each family member. What do they really expect from a house? From here, later you will get a picture to create a small home living that is ideal for all family members. 

For example, you and your family love outdoor activities. Then you can create a comfortable terrace atmosphere by choosing natural style furniture with the dominance of wood material. And you can choose earthy tone like brown, orange, soft yellow, or cream to make you and your family feel warm when returning home after going outside. And if you want to create a modern impression, you can combine that colors with dark colors such as dark grey or dark blue. It will works perfectly to make a warm and natural home. 

You are also able to live with your beloved pets and DIY their needs and even raising livestock as most tiny house folks also going into self-sufficient/homesteading.

Well, then references also important to give you more ideas and inspirations to support your creativity. 

And we are here for you. 

We try to provide you many references and reccomendations to complete your creativity when designing your home dream. We are giving you lot of interior design option especially for small home living. Let’s create comfortable warm house, a place where you and your family feel united and blend with happiness, a place where heart come back home.

Warm regards,

TinyHousePal.com Team